A Vim-based world, WebSummit@Lisbon, and a LOT of JavaScript

Igor Silveira
4 min readNov 1, 2021

Hey Developer 👋

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Last week has gone by so fast 💨 I’ve been concentrating at work, kicking off our first sprint of a new product which will run for a long time and I am excited about that and all the new learning opportunities that it entails.

I also dedicated some time to finally setting up a Vim-based environment like I always thought about doing. Why? For one, it looks cool. But mainly because one can really speed up his development workflow once we nail the basics of it. And that is what I am aiming for.

And finally, the reason why this newsletter is arriving late at your inbox: Starting today, I am at @WebSummit:

“The best technology conference on the planet”- Forbes

Hopefully, by next week’s issue, I’ll have some conference highlights to share with you!

✍️ Weekly Snippet

Split a list into chunks of chosen size

Chunks a list into smaller lists of a specified size. This method follows a declarative approach where we explicitly loop through the input array slicing it into a pre-declared empty list.

Try to come up with a more functional approach and share it!

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👀 Product of the Week

HASTY | JS perfomancehasty.dev
Simply input some global data to test from, then a few pieces of different code, that essentially does the same thing. Press `Run` and boom https://hasty.dev is now testing the code, and will return in three seconds. To make the list complete, you can even share links of your performance test code and send it directly to other users.

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