500 Subscribers Milestone, and a Similarity

Igor Silveira
4 min readOct 18, 2021

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This is the newsletter that gives you a summary of everything relevant that happened the past week that can help you on your coding journey. Be sure to tell me what you think.

It is a brand new week and I hope you are ready to tackle it head-on. I know I am!

I’ve learned so much about so many different technologies last week through intensive reading and practicing, and I plan to do the same this week.

As always I will be sharing everything I learn on my Twitter profile and I already have a great week of content lined up to roll out. Be sure to follow me there!

As a side note, I have also reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel, thank you to all! 🙌

✍️ Weekly Snippet

A similarity code snippet in JavaScript

Here’s a cool code snippet I found using the 30 Seconds of Knowledge browser extension.

A function that returns an array of elements that appear in both arrays passed in as arguments.

Use Array.prototype.filter() to remove values that are not part of values, determined using Array.prototype.includes().

📄 Must-Reads

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👀 Product of the Week

BlogAudio: Convert your articles to high-quality audioblogaudio.co
Convert your articles to audio using Text-To-Speech technology and allow your readers to listen to high-quality AI voices reading your articles.

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